Tampering with evidence

School staff says there have been times when students who were allegedly dealing drugs were allowed to allegedly withdraw from the school rather than face prosecution and allegedly did so without the school administration alerting UNM Police to the crimes having been committed on University property.

Additionally, they say school staff has allegedly altered or allegedly been ordered to alter school surveillance videos when crimes have allegedly been committed at the school, such as the time a video was allegedly erased showing a student allegedly stabbing another student in the mouth with a pencil, allegedly deliberately impeding a police investigation.

Two OCR Complaints Pending Against AIMS

According to the US Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights there are two pending Title IX cases against AIMS and its Director. The complaints against AIMS are for “Sexual Harassment” and “Procedural Requirements.” Sandoval recently told staff members that each OCR complaint ends up costing the school $30,000.00.

Past time for the Governance Council to come to its senses and cut bait (fire Sandoval) and run away from the embattled Director as quickly as possible.


AIMS under federal investigation

The Albuquerque Institute for Math and Sciences at UNM is under Federal Investigation from the Equal Employment Occupation Commission (EEOC), and from the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) of the U.S. Department of Education. There are also at least two state EEOC investigations underway, an investigation from the state Attorney General’s office as well as FBI agents have reportedly been on campus looking into finance irregularities.