AIMS under federal investigation

The Albuquerque Institute for Math and Sciences at UNM is under Federal Investigation from the Equal Employment Occupation Commission (EEOC), and from the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) of the U.S. Department of Education. There are also at least two state EEOC investigations underway, an investigation from the state Attorney General’s office as well as FBI agents have reportedly been on campus looking into finance irregularities.

Sandoval disbands AIMS PTA

The School’s Principal has decided the PTA must go because she can’t control it. In an unprecedented move, Sandoval disbanded the AIMS Parent Teacher Association alleging it had been involved in funding irregularities that could get the school into trouble.

She has also claimed in recent meetings that teachers who have received reimbursements from the group may be guilty of tax fraud and could be audited. In the same meetings, Sandoval was heard saying the PTA money belongs to her and she can decide what to do with it.

The fact is many parents have been questioning her increasingly erratic behavior and inability to run the school, citing her lack of control of teachers who verbally abuse students calling them names, like “retard,” and mocking student’s sexuality and ridiculing their hairstyles. Besides, many don’t like her late arrival to work, and leaving early each day, and her increasing inaccessibility when parents want to see her.

Sandoval doesn’t like to be held accountable, and the PTA was making too much noise.